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Random Tips

Talk to your entire family about going abroad, even if you don’t think they can help financially. Studying abroad is such a cool experience, most people will be excited for you, often trying to help if they can, through gear donation or maybe even some money. Never know unless you try. I didn’t expect to receive any help whatsoever, but I ended up getting the plane ticket paid for, got several hundred put together from random family members and it has been extremely helpful. Some of my girlfriend’s family couldn’t give a whole lot of money for her to go, but they gave her all kinds of really nice hiking clothing.

Explore all kinds of random avenues for money. There’s endless

Keep a journal. This is something I was told and I’m glad I listened. It makes you stop, reflect, and appreciate.

Be patient. There are many very frustrating moments, even for me in a developed, western country just by the nature of international travel. The trip is not constant enjoyment, as you sometimes have a lot of hurdles getting from point A to point B. This is something that I’ve really had to work on personally while abroad.

Plan ahead. The more information you get and the more you plan out what you are trying to do, the better things usually go. That being said, lots of my plans have fallen through and I’ve had to adapt, but the process of planning made me know what was going on in order to do so.

Figure out what you will do in terms of a phone before you go. A mistake I made was assuming it would be easier to figure out once I got here.

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