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First week of July

October 3, 2012

I am really loving this chance to explore new areas in such a laid back way. No pressure, tons of walking. It is refreshing and exciting. I feel like I’ve walked all of Auckland by now.

Mostly just random observations about lifestyle differences in this post:

One of my relatives (would take far too much effort to figure out exactly how we are related) invited me to go to a tae-kwon-doe lesson with him. I’ve done a log of boxing, but it turns out tae-kwon-doe is basically all kicking, so it was difficult but fun. Not an activity I expected to partake in shortly after arriving in New Zealand. Gotta love random little interesting opportunities like that!

Gas is worse than food in terms of cost in New Zealand. It’s equivalent to like $8/gallon (rough estimated, as it’s in NZD/liter). I really need to practice my metric-english conversions. Every time temperatures enters into the conversation there’s this long awkward pause as I try to figure out how many degrees celsius it gets in winter back home.


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