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Trip to Rotorua 6/29-6/31

September 28, 2012

My first weekend I traveled down to Rotorua, the city that smells like rotten eggs! I paid $50 for a tour and entry to a thermal park. Best money spent ever. The tour guide was a big jolly Maori guy who was hilarious. He taught me about the kiwi saying “sweet as” which is basically equivalent to awesome, and a game called “hey sheep” where you stop on a country road next to a herd of sheep and scream it at them and count how many run away. He demonstrated and scored a respectable 15 ūüôā

The area around Rotorua  is so volcanically active that there steam vents everywhere and tons of sulphur in the air. I got to see a geyser explode and checked out a thermal park, which was gorgeous. Bright orange and green pools of water with steam rolling off of them, sweet sink holes, all kinds of random goodies.

Rotorua Thermal Park

The entire area had steam rising up. It was beautiful in the sun.      

I¬†begrudgingly¬†signed up to stay in an 8 bed dorm room at a hostel, but the hostels here are so much nicer than I expected. It isn’t luxury by any means, but they have all the essentials and it is comfortable enough for about $20 NZD. Something I’ve begun to notice is the extreme price of food here. Everything costs about twice as much as in the states food-wise, with the one exception being kiwifruit, which are¬†extraordinarily¬†cheap. Even eating at Mcdonalds costs $10. It really makes me appreciate the free meals through family.

The next day I checked out a redwood forest. They have redwoods here? Yes they do interestingly enough…


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