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September 27, 2012

I am transferring these from my written journal:


On the plane getting ready to fly out of Los Angelos! So excited. This will be the plane that I will leave the country on. It is massive and I’ll be spending like 12 hours on it. Fortunately it is fairly comfortable. I’m loving how there are few Americans around. Tons of Fijians and Indians, which really impresses on me that soon I’ll be stepping out into a foreign place. Even the music and dinner is Fijian, and the flight attendants are wearing Hawaiin-looking necklaces haha! It’s 2:30 am back home and I’m super tired but I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep because I’m so excited. I can’t wait to step off the plane and be bombarded with all kinds of new interesting things.


It’s only been about 15 hours but with the time change it’s now the 25th. In the Fiji airport but I can’t leave because my next flight is soon. It’s unfortunate because I can see how beautiful the country is even through the window. I was bored waiting for the plane and began speaking with a woman who is also flying into Auckland, New Zealand on the same plane. Her name is Ushma, and she is Indian/Fijian but now lives in New Zealand. She’s the first kiwi I think I’ve ever met, and she is so nice! Within about 5 minutes of talking she gave me her phone number and address and told me to come stay with her in Hamilton.

Now on the final planeride over and the guy I’m sitting next to is also super friendly. However, he talks rather quickly with a strong (kiwi or aussie??) accent so I just keep nodding and smiling stupidly. I’m also not getting his jokes or figures of speech at all. I guess there won’t be an official language barrier but this will still require some adjusting… Realizing how tiny Fiji is, as you can see the entire island in one chunk from the plane. I was hoping to sleep but now I’m just too damn excited!


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